Cadastral Surveys

PDA Surveyors employees a number of Registered Land Surveyors with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the profession.  Cadastral surveys involve title boundary reestablishment and can include:

  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Boundary Remark Surveys
  • Urban Subdivision (large and small scale)
  • Rural Subdivision (large and small scale)
  • Easement Surveys
  • Strata subdivision
  • Lease Surveys
  • Gross and Net Lettable Area Surveys
  • Surveys to support Vesting Orders
  • Surveys of Crown Land
  • Acquisition Surveys

PDA Surveyors will offer different solutions depending on your needs.  If you are purchasing a new home or re-fencing and want peace of mind knowing where your boundaries are, or you are interested in subdividing contact your nearest PDA office to discuss the options available. 

Engineering/Construction Surveys

PDA Surveyors will provide the right solution for all your engineering, planning or construction requirements.  Whether it is a survey for conceptual design, detailed design, construction setout or as-built surveys we can tailor a solution to meet the needs of your project. PDA Surveyors can provide:

  • Detail & Contour Surveys
  • Construction Setout Surveys
  • Road /Rail/ Pipeline Corridor Surveys
  • 3D Built Environment (Building / Plant) Surveys
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Piling Surveys

Monitoring/Alignment Surveys

PDA Surveyors can provide spatial solutions for your monitoring and mechanical alignment requirements on both small and large projects. We have extensive experience in providing building/structural deformation monitoring, land slip monitoring, alignment surveys for mechanical plant refurbishment and retro fitting of new equipment to existing plant. PDA have specialised equipment such as precise and digital levels.

Bathymetric Surveys

PDA Surveyors have completed many hydrographic surveys of both small & large scale areas for various purposes throughout Tasmania.  These include terrestrial & bathymetric survey, dual frequency bathymetric surveys, surveys for aquaculture and engineering designs. River profile surveys for flood studies and for the design of a submarine pipeline. PDA Surveyors also undertake dam surveys to calculate water storage volumes and the design of dams.

A major benefit of the survey systems utilised by PDA is that terrestrial survey data can be linked seamlessly with bathymetric data to deliver a single homogeneous model.  This is achieved by integrating state of the art real time GPS with depth sounder technology that can be mounted on virtually any vessel from a small inflatable to an ocean going workboat.

Mining Operation Surveys

PDA Surveyors provides specialist surveying services to many mines on the West Coast of Tasmania.

Services provided include routine surveys of stockpile volumes and working faces as well as project specific surveys.  We also work with staff mine surveyors to provide increased capacity or additional skills that are required for a particular project.

These may include engineering detail & setout surveys for mine expansion or upgrades, monitoring surveys of control or deformation networks, survey support for seismic exploration, pipeline & plant surveys including laser scanning of plant and all types of mining lease and tenure surveys.

Pipeline Surveys

PDA Surveyors have extensive experience in pipeline route alignment surveys and construction setout surveys with over 5000km of pipelines surveyed by our staff both in Tasmania and on the mainland.  PDA can provide experienced surveyors to complete all the survey requirements of your project.  Services provided include initial corridor/route alignment surveys, detail surveys for alignment sheets, hydrostatic profile and engineering design, construction setout surveys and as-built surveys.

Laser Scanning

PDA Surveyors has state of the art laser scanning capabilities.  These scanners can provide you with a full scan or partial scan depending on your requirements. Our applications include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud Data
  • Full 3d surface modelling
  • Building façade surveys
  • Building Infrastructure Management
  • High order and inaccessible stockpile volumes
  • Deformation surveys

Laser scanning is a modern field of surveying.  Due to the potential size of the data it is important for the client to understand the end product.  Please contact us to discuss any potential projects.